Thursday, December 11, 2008


So work has exploded. Gone from 0 to 60. Meals have been skipped, bills not paid, the personal inbox filling up. Its thrilling. Its hard. Its challenging. Its consuming. Very, very consuming.
So here it is - a stop-fighting-and-just-admit-its-true moment: I am not sending holiday cards this year.

I know, I know. I have two adorable children. It's an absolute crime to omit their picture from collage of smiling faces on the refrigerators of our friends. And, what with all those just-a-click-a-way tools out there, how much time would it take, really? I mean.... really?

Too much.

There's the taking the picture. The choosing the picture. The formatting the card. The inevitable negotiations with hubby re: format, color scheme, message. Then there's the damn addresses. Sure, I know, it can all be managed for me... electronic submission, one-click ordering. They print. They send. But I still need to have all those damn addresses. With zip codes.

So - apologies in advance. For giving up before I even try. There will be no family card this year.

On second thought... maybe I'll send an e-card.


Your Fave Asst :) said...

hey man i just did my cards tonight and one is headed to b'klyn

I Do Know How She Does It said...

thanks! I'll hang it on the fridge. :)

Angie said...

I hear ya! My cards are ordered, but no clue how they will get themselves addressed, affix their postage, and land in an official mail receptacle. I need a personal assistant, or at least a house elf.

tony d said...

It's probably eco-friendly not to send cards.

Happy Holidays to you.

Giff said...

We share your pain :) No card needed here! said...

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