Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Waiting and Wait-listed

Chalk this one into the "update" column:

Despite my attempt on writer-ly kiss-assing (see: Wouldn't you want to teach these two?,) the boys were wait-listed at the one school to which we applied.

Of course that was the one school we tried. My bad. Our bad. Then again, they are NOT EVEN THREE YEARS OLD. And they are FINE where they are. So be it.

And Update #2, the spine saga: Round two of epidural injections tomorrow. And I'm cautiously optimistic that they might be working.

Actually - to clarify - I was feeling incredibly optimistic 24 hours after round one. I was walking around, bending my knees, hugging my boys, and claiming to be living proof of medical miracles. Then I regressed. Horribly (It was, no doubt, karma. And/or my own damn fault for not taking it easy enough). All that said, today was actually a good day. I sat - actually sat - through a meeting at work. A long meeting. And I took the subway. And I made it through the whole day on only half of a Vicodin. And, for the first time in days, I wasn't blinking back tears come 8 p.m. So, cautiously optimistic. Definitely in "wait and see" mode.

Three cheers for more giant needles!


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Lisl said...

We are just back (well, just over jetlag and back) from Australia and shocked at your back news. Hope you are "feeling better" soon! What's the story with summertime - are you taking an LOA?

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