Monday, November 10, 2008

10 things my nanny thinks I should be doing more often:

  1. washing their hands
  2. wiping their noses
  3. washing their toys
  4. sleeping
  5. sewing the holes in their clothes
  6. yelling at my husband
  7. yelling at my mother-in-law
  8. vacuuming the stroller
  9. remembering the rain cover
  10. applying sun block


Giff said...

I hope you survived the weekend!

Angie said...

If I came up with a list of a hundred things I should do more often, I wouldn't even come up with #5 or #8! Does anyone actually do those things?

Brenda said...

Oh. My. God. The "yelling at" ones are the best.

Anonymous said...

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