Monday, November 3, 2008

Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot

I've been feeling like a stereotype lately (although I think I'd prefer the term 'archetype.') No matter what the prefix, I am, in fact, a type. The type that has a full-time high-pressure bread-winner job, toddler twin boys and a scary-high mortgage. The type that tries not to lose herself in the daily deluge of diapers and doggies and parents and power point.

I aspire to perfect mommy milf-dom, complete with a rocketing career and a fabulous sex life. I aspire to be so much more than getting through the days and waiting for the weekend.
But, all that said, I'm friggin' exhausted.

And now in classic type-A style, I've decided that adding yet another project to my ever expanding list, is, in fact, the one thing thats been missing from my 'to do' list. So here goes. A blog.

To be honest, I've decided to start writing this all down so I can, in fact, understand how I do it. Because, despite being so tired I can feel the weight of my eyelids (and the fact that the last paragraph was interrupted by a screaming, teething little boy who flailed his arms but didn't open his eyes) I am, actually, for the most part, quite happy.

And, as far as I can tell, that means I'm an anamoly among other would-be super moms. (Or at least, among those who aren't running for public office.)

Of course - such happiness can be fleeting I know. I'm in the honeymoon of a new job (it's so interesting! the people are so terrific!). I just returned from a romantic, kid-free weekend for my 5th-year anniversary, and both boys are (once again) sleeping soundly. If course all it takes is another round of molars or a terrifying election result (Palin as VP).
That said, I'm pretty certain my average is in the plus column.

The stats:
- 34, married, live in Brooklyn
- two kids, 18 month-old twin boys
- full-time job (executive type at a big public company)

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onesmallstar said...

i love it!! love it. so happy to *see* you happy, and wrangling with all the issues i hope to wrangle with shortly. er... except for the high-flying career. mine is distinctly... low-ceilinged. but i still love it, so i am saying it counts. oh, and maybe the au pair. although that would be nice. hoo. getting ahead of myself ;)

all my love to you and boys!!!