Thursday, November 6, 2008

Swell ground

I would never consider myself politically apathetic. And, in fact, I have felt more passionate about this presidential race than any in memory. I have in fact, felt active.

And yet... what did I do, exactly?
Did I give money? check. Multiple times. Small increments. Every time I saw Palin open her mouth.
Did I campaign for Obama? Well... does donating my Facebook status count?
Did I phone bank, or knock on any doors? Traipse through the wilds of Pennsylvania proudly sheathed in sandwich board? Well... I did forward a cute photo to my address book...
Did I do anything that lifted my ass out of my desk chair? well... no. I didn't. Except vote.

So why, when I got an email at 11:30 p.m. November 4th from Barack himself thanking me for all of my hard work, did I feel I did, in fact, deserve such kudos?

I did. And still do.

Maybe it's not rational - and it's probably not fair. After all, if everyone connected to the campaign exercised only their virtual voice, there's no way history would have been made.
But I do feel as though I should get some of that credit - that I did, in fact, help make it happen. That yes, yes we did. Emphasis on "we."

Social networking is clearly a boon for the would-be-politically-active but can't-possibly-squeeze-in-one-more-thing working mom. I could join the crowd without shlepping to a rally. I could give money without licking a stamp. I could buy paraphenalia with the click of a mouse. I could hassle my friends without picking up the phone. And I did all of those things.

Could I have done more? Maybe. Assuredly. But could I have done a whole lot more, and still kept my carefully, precariously balanced, chaos of a life in functioning order?

Honestly? Probably not.

And, thankfully for the future of my children, what I did, when coupled with the efforts of everyone else ...? That was enough.


Tom said...

We dog-sat for friends while they went to Las Vegas and campaigned for Obama. That means we contributed, right? :-)

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