Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Honeymoon Continues

Why I love my job:

- I’m having fun getting dressed in the morning for the first time in a decade (although sometimes I’m a little worried I’m crossing the line and dressing like I am still in my twenties. That exec / fashion-forward / milf trifecta is a tricky balance to strike. Hubby sent me back to the closet the other day for a shoe change. Apparently super-trendy platform high heels plus super-short skirt was a little too Ally McBeal meets S&M for the office.)

- I can share perks with my friends (free samples!)

- The commute doesn’t suck (and rarely involves an airport)

- I can’t foresee a time when I’ll stop learning something new daily

- It’s challenging (I've never had to get so many people to agree to something so different. A whole new level of politics. Makes Congress look easy.)

- I get to do things no one has ever done before (See above.)

- I have time to think (and they want me to)

- I get to use both sides of my brain: the creative part that likes writing blogs and dreamily envisioning all the world’s nifty possibilities, and the type-A, efficiency-rocks part that wants to make sure the numbers add up

- It matters. (Or will, if I do it right.)

- I can make the boys breakfast and kiss them goodnight


DB said...

You should have stuck with the shoes. Change the skirt, but keep the "super-trendy platform high heels"!!! Where are your priorities?!?

IDoKnowHowSheDoesIt said...

wearing them today. :)